To support canine brain function

Memopet is a complementary feed that contains a mix of well absorbing, patented grape extract and wild blueberry powder (Phenomind 40mg/tabl.). It contains plenty of flavonoids, anthocyanins
and resveratrol. The patented synergistic combination of the two extracts is absorbed effectively. Small compounds in the extract pass through the brain-blood barrier and have an influence on cognitive functions in
the brain. Micro blood circulation transports oxygen and nutrients into cells, organs and tissues, and removes metabolic waste. The brain gets more oxygen and nutrients to support memory, learning, concentration and

Instructions and dosing:
Dogs: 1 tabl. per 10 kg bodyweight per day.
It is recommended to start the use at the
latest when a senior dog shows signs of
disturbed interaction, house-training, or sleep
pattern. The product can also be used to
support concentration on sporting dogs,
service dogs and working dogs, as well as on
dogs that get stressed easily. Recommended
duration of use is minimum 3 months,
preferably in periods of 6 months.

Koostumus/ Sammansättning/ Composition:
viinirypäleuute (Vitis vinifera) ja kanadanmustikkauute (Vaccinium
angustifolium) / Vindruvsextraxt (Vitis vinifera) och Kanadensisk
blåbärsextrakt (Vaccinium angustifolium) / grape extract (Vitis vinifera)
and wild blueberry powder (Vaccinium angustifolium)

Lisäaineet / Tillsatsämnen / Feed additives:
C-vitamiini/ vitamin C 30 mg/tbl
E-vitamiini/ vitamin E 40 mg/tbl
B12- vitamiini/ vitamin B12 0,5 mg/tbl
B6-vitamiini/ vitamin B6 10 mg/tbl
Foolihappo/ folsyra/ folic acid 0,5 mg/tbl
Mikrokiteinen selluloosa/mikrokristallin cellulosa/
microcrystalline cellulose
Ravintoaineet/ Näringsämnen/ Nutrients:
Valkuainen/protein/protein <1 %, Raakarasva/råfett/crude fats 1 %,
Raakakuitu/växttråd/crude fibre 42 %
Ei tiineille eikä imettäville eläimille. / Inte för dräktiga eller digivande djur. / Do not use on pregnant or lactating animals.
100 tablettia, nettopaino 50 g./100 tabletter, netvikt 50 g./ 100 tablets, net weight 50 g.