Helomax shampoo1 l

Helomax shampoo removes debris and
excess sebum form the coat and skin
while leaving the important outer protective
fat layer on the skin. Ingredients
and almost neutral pH of the shampoo
helps to maintain normal protective bacteria
on the skin especially in atopic dogs.
Vitamin E in the Helomax shampoo potentiates the
effectiveness of the Gammalinolenic acid that prevents
development of the harmful inflammatory mediators in
the skin. It also protects EFAs in the product. Natural anti
odour ingredients in Helomax shampoo remove effectively
unpleasant odours from the skin and coat. Helomax-
Shampoo is non-irritant and can even be used daily. Helomax
shampoo is very easy to rinse even from the long coat.

Package sizes: Shampoo 250 ml, 1l.