Aika Lypromax 360 kps

Lypromax is feed material from greenlipped mussel powder, to promote wellbeing of joints and joint surfaces on dogs and cats.

It contains unique eicosatetraenoic acids (ETA). ETA’s reduce the production of prostaglandins in cells. The inflammatory reaction caused by prostaglandins may cause pain in joints and muscles. The ETA’s together with other omega-3
essential fatty acids (EPA / DHA) also promote the wellbeing of skin and coat. Green-lipped mussel powder is also a natural source for many compounds that are essential for good joint health, such as chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine,
minerals and vitamins.


Composition: Cold processed and lyophilized New Zealand green-lipped mussel powder (Perna Canaliculus),
Magnesium stearate.  Capsule shell:  gelatine.
 Technological additives: anticaking agents( silicon dioxide).
 Nutritients: Protein: 60 %, Crude fats: 10 %,
EPA 24 g / kg, DHA 17 g / kg, ETA 480 mg / kg.


Cats and under 20kg dogs: Initially give 2 capsules
per day for 10 days after which may be reduced to
1 caps. per day.

For dogs 20-40kg: Initially 4 caps. / day,
after which may be reduced to 2 caps. / day. For dogs
over 40 kg: Initially 6 caps. /day for 10 days after which
may be reduced to 3 caps. / day.

Package sizes: 72 capsules, 360 capsules