Energygrain 6 kg

Black Horse

Besides carbohydrates, fats play the most important role in the provision of energy since they are its richest source. Part of the daily energy needs of a horse can be replaced by energy-rich vegetable fat. Energiarae is valuable energy source, it does not contain starch, carbohydrates or proteins. It is recommended as an energy booster for competition sports, to prevent premature exhaustion. As energy source for too thin and horses of older age, also breeding mares and stallions during the mating season.

(Energy grain)

Vegetable fat
Metabolisable energy 32,6 MJ/kg


Horses in intense work appr. 250 g
Stallions during mating season appr. 250 g
Mares at the late pregnancy appr. 125 g
Lactating mares appr. 250 g
Horses in medium work appr. 50 - 75 g