Humilac 250 ml

Moisturizing spray for dry skin. Oil-free dry skin skin care agent for spraying or rinsing. When brushing the coat, syringe thoroughly the whole coat.

Packing: 250 ml


Propylene glycol, urea, lactic acid, chitosanide, some of which are free and partially encapsulated.


Propylene glycol is an oil-free, antibacterial skin moisturizing softening agent that remains on the skin
greasy, thin film. Urea softens and removes dried cornea. Lactic acid
prevents bacterial growth on the skin and normalizes the formation of sarcoma.


Moisturizing spray for dry skin if needed daily. Can be used as a conditioner after Keratolux after shampooing to prevent skin drying.

As a conditioner: mix 5 cc per liter of warm water and pour it into the skin .
Spraying: The entire animal is injected from tail to head to ensure the substance reaches the skin.