Sanimed Atopy / Sensitive (Multi-Effective) 12,5 kg

Sanimed Multi-Effective is now called Sanimed Atopy / Sensitive. The name clarifies the use of food as a support for both atopia and food sensitivity / food allergy. Food is also suitable for intestinal tract infections (colitis, IBD). At the same time, the pellet size slightly increased, with a diameter of 6 mm on average 8 mm in size.

Sanimed Atopy / Sensitive is therefore a special diet for dogs designed to reduce food allergy and / or food tolerance, promote skin function in skin diseases and intense hair loss.

The potent ingredients of this food include eicosapentaenoic acid of salmon oil, gonadotrophenic acid, hydrolyzed protein sources, rice as a carbohydrate source, taurine and L-carnitine. This food has low sodium content and high potassium: sodium ratio.

Only from veterinarians and pharmacies.

Pack sizes: 3 kg and 12.5 kg