Breeder 20kg

Black Horse

BLACK HORSE BREEDER -protein supplement!

Black Horse Breeder is a protein supplement with added value amino acids lysine and methionine. Protein is a vital requirement for all horses, the demand is greatest for the growing horses and the late trimester/lactating mares.
Roughages are important components of horse’s diet. They can vary extremely in their protein content. Breeder is also suitable for meet protein needs of all horses if for example its content of roughages is low.


Package 20 kg
Liter weight approx. 700 g
pallet 40 sacks

soya meal, beet pulp, grass meal, wheat, oats, rapeseed, amino acids, calcium carbonate, linseed expeller, vegetable oil, sodium chloride, calcium sodium phosphate, premix, sodium carbonate

Metabolisable energy 12,9 MJ/kg dm
also contains vitamins, trace elements .

Dosage recommendation depending on other feeding:
Sporthorses 0,25 kg/day
At the late pregnancy (9-11 months) 0,5 kg/day
Lactating mares 0,5 – 1,0 kg/day
Foals 0,5 kg/day
Weight per litre appr. 700 g

20 kg