Aika products

AIKA® - range for pets

AIKA is brandname for our pet products, created in 2019. It combines old and reliable products to new interesting and innovative ideas. AIKA in finnish means TIME.
We felt it was about time (!) to have a common marketing name for all our wonderful supplements and care products. It was a very interesting project! Ideas were flying, but we kept coming back to the most fundamental question: what is the most important thing you can give to your pet?
We realized we all agreed on it: the most valuable thing you can give to your pet is defenitely AIKA, TIME.

In the end the name selection was actually quite simple, as looking at the word AIKA on the wall we realized a connection to something else we had been thinking of: our heritage.

What sealed this choice is the fact that it is also a tribute to our founding veterinarins. It was 1988 when Dr. AIMO Niskanen and Dr. KAUKO Kauppinen, together with their business partners, decided to create a our company to support animal health and well being. AIMO and KAUKO started creating the products that quickly became hugely successful. AIMO & KAUKO, AI & KA… perfect!

So there you have it. AIKA is now our promise of a quality product that will support the health and wellbeing of your pet. AIKA is simply the best thing you can give to your pet. We take care of them together with you!