Kivennäinen 20kg ( mineral)

Black Horse

Black Horse Kivennäinen - the tasty mineral

Black Horse Kivennäinen is a basic mineral feed for all horses and ponies. Due to the carefully selected raw materials guarantee the tasty taste of Kivennäinen. It is rich in calcium, with calcium/phosphorus ratio 4,25:1.

Packs of 10 kg of bucket and 20 kg of sack, pallet size 30 bags

Liter wight  600 g

Made in Finland

grass meal, calcium carbonate, oat bran, wheat middlings, beet pulp, monocalcium phosphate, glucose, molasses, premix, sodium chloride, seaweed meal, magnesium oxide, vegetable oil


Dosage recommendation depending on other feeding:
Horses in hard work 250 - 300 g/day
Horses in medium work 150 - 200 g//day
Ponies 50 - 100 g/day
Young horses 150 - 200 g/day
Broodmares 200 - 300 g/day
Weight per litre appr. 600 g

20 kg