Greenmix 20kg

Black Horse

Black Horse Greenmix -tasty green pellets!

Black Horse Greenmix is a pelleted mixture of hay for horses and ponies. With Greenmix you can replace part of the daily hay/ haylage, while adding taste in the feed at the same time. Because of soft texture of pellets, Greenmix is also suitable during recovery and for older horses. Contain different hay and pasture varieties, but no alfalfa.

Pelletised hay meal 100%

Packaging 20 kg, pallet size 40 bags

Litrapaino approx. 600 g


pelletized grass meal 100 %

Dry matter 90 %
Crude protein 13 %
Crude ash 8,5 %
Crude fats 3 %
Crude fibre 27 %
Metabolisable energy 9,4 MJ/kg dm
There may be a slight variation in nutritional values in different batches.

Recommended dosing:
1-3 kg /day
Before feeding swell the pellets with clean water
Weight per litre appr. 600 g

20 kg