Sled Dog Vita and Sledo Dog Mineral

Sled Dog Mineral is a mineral and trace elemental product and Sled Dog Vitamin is a supplementary vitamin supplement containing vitamins.

The idea of ​​producing minerals and vitamins used to feed the milking dogs became legendary Finnish jumper Juhani Heikkinen. He used his World Championship Dogs to feed Taminax food and meat (50:50), but blood tests revealed the feeding deficits. The late veterinarian Raili Holcombe investigated the problem with the help of Heikkinen. Feeding the bones for dogs was not a viable solution because it contained too many risks (bowel problems, fights) and did not solve all the nutrient deficiencies that came in the raccoon dogs.

In the Central European Alpine Escape, Heikkinen discovered minerals and vitamin preparations for roller skates suitable for supplementing feeding and repairing the problem.
After discovering that the products were functional and the blood levels of the dogs improved, he decided to find out about the expertise and opportunities in Finland to produce such customized mineral and vitamin mixtures. The survey was accelerated by the high freight costs of German products from Germany to Finland. Contact Biofarm was the result of Biofarm Sled Dog Mineral and Sled Dog Vitamin.

Initially, the manufacture of the products was small-scale. Heikkinen made 200 kg of items for his own Taminax kennel. When the other riders were interested in the products, he began to market them on the roller coaster and safari with the addition of dry food. The use of home-made mineral and vitamin preparations sold in small containers for use by horses and safaris that owns tens or hundreds of dogs is not a viable solution. The packaging size must be large and the products are economical - just like the production animal side. In addition, the nutrient composition must be in response to the needs of hard-wearing crow's dogs, as the need for a variety of minerals and vitamins is higher than in homemade dogs.

There is still a lot of meat in the feeding of hens, alongside dry food. However, the meat is low in calcium, sodium, iodine, copper, manganese, vitamins A and D compared to the dog's needs. Also, the calcium-phosphorus ratio in the flesh is incorrect, as it has 20 to 30 times more phosphorus than calcium. Dry food with meat is not enough to replace the lack of minerals and vitamins if the amount of meat in the dog's diet is high. Therefore, it is important to correct the mineral and vitamin content of the combined nutrition to meet the need for a hard training dog using the products designed for it, or the situation leads to a lack of space and a drop in performance that is easy to detect.

There are considerable differences in the dry fodder used by kennels, in the nutrient composition of the meat raw material, in the dry food and meat use ratio, and in the number of training dogs, which means that feeding plans and diet balancing should always be done per kennel. Sled Dog Minerals and Vitamins are in different containers, making it possible to calculate the balanced diet of the diet easily and accurately, taking into account the individual needs of the kennel. Mineral and vitamin concentrations in the products are high in order to meet the larger requirements of the roller bearer, but the amount of use remains economical and reasonable and the flavor of the food remains in stressful situations.

Biofarm 20.3.2017