Booster 25kg

Black Horse

Black Horse Booster is a complementary feed for sports horses designed to oat-based feeding. Thanks to its balanced composition, Booster is suitable for sports horses to use with oats in a 50:50 ratio, no separate mineral supplement required. The versatile addition of vitamins and trace elements ensures their adequate intake even under demanding conditions. Booster is also suitable for individuals for whom the oat feed is not preferable, the amount of use depends on the amount of other nutrition and the level of work the horse is performing.

Pack size 25 kg, pallet size 30 bags

liter weight 730 g

Made in Finland

barley, wheat, beet pulp, grass meal, wheat bran, vegetable oil, molasses, soya meal, calcium carbonate, linseed expeller, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, monocalcium phosphate, premix, L-lysine

Metabolisable energy 12,4 MJ/kg dm
also contains vitamins, trace elements .

Recommended dosing:
Sport horses Oats kg/day Booster kg/day
Intense work 2 - 2,5 2 - 2,5
Medium work 1,5 1,5
Light work 1,0 1,0
Weight per litre appr. 700 g

20 kg