Biotin Plus

Biotin, methionine, zinc, and manganese tablet for dogs and horses. To improve the condition and luster of skin
and coat. To reduce the disadvantages brought by old age. To maintain normal hormonal functions. To improve the condition of nails on dogs, hoofs on horses.

Package size: 200 tablets/ 140 g

Nutritional additives: / tbl
Biotiini / Biotin 5 mg
DL-metioniini / DL-metionin /
DL-methionin / DL-methionine 25 mg
Sinkki (sinkkikelaatti) / Zink (zinkkelat,
zinkchelat) / Zinc (zinc chelate) 15 mg
Mangaani (mangaanikelaatti) / Mangan
(mangankelat, manganchelat) / Manganese
(manganese chelate) 1,5 mg

Dosing: Dogs 1 tablet/ 10 kg
weight/ day, cats 1 tablet/ day,
horses 4-6 tablets/ day.