Biofarm eye bath 120 ml

Eye bath for gentle cleansing Bath for gentle cleansing and
rinsing of animals’ eyes and eye lids. Sterile and fragrance-free
Biofarm eye bath contains cleansing ingredients.
Developed and manufactured in Finland.

Gently pull the lower eyelid slightly down and put a few
drops of the eye bath in the eye.
Gently wipe off the impurities and excess eye bath around the
eye with a clean cotton ball.
Do not touch surface of the eye with the tip of the bottle or the cotton

If the eyes are inamed, consult
a vet before using eye bath. • If
irritation occurs in the eyes
when using the eye bath, stop
using and consult a vet. • Do not
touch the tip of the bottle. •
Remove the safety ring under
the screw cap when opening the
bottle for the rst time. Do not
use the solution if the safety ring
or the bottle is damaged. •
Close the bottle carefully after
use. Use before expiry date, see
the stamp on the bottle. •
Protect the bottle from freezing



Sodium Borate, Sodium chloride,
Hydrochloric acid, DiSodium
EDTA, EDG, Biguanide