Harmony Mix 20 kg

Black Horse

BLACK HORSE HARMONY mix is a balanced muesli feed for horses and ponies. Due to its balanced composition the product can be given as a supplement to hay for feeding. It is especially beneficial if oat is not suitable for the horse. HARMONY mix complementary feed contains minerals and trace elements as well as vitamins and therefore separate minerals are not needed.


Liter weight approx. 550 g

steam cooked barley, steam cooked wheat, corn flakes, apple pomace, beet pulp, grass meal, flax cake, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil), herb mixture (basil, rosemary, fennel, peppermint, nettle), carrot pellets, molasses, premix, seaweed, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, mono calcium phosphate, magnesium oxide

nts etc.

BLACK HORSE HARMONY mix is used as a supplement to normal hay feed. The feed can be used dry or moistened. The amount fed should be adjusted according to the size of the horse and the work load. The daily amount should be divided into several feeds.

Recommended dosing:
Horses in hard work 3 – 5 kg/day
Horses in medium work 2 - 3 kg/day
Ponies 1 – 2 kg/day
Weight per litre appr. 550 g.

20 kg

Made in Finland