Rabbit Breeder 10 kg

RODO is domestic, the last of nutritional knowledge, built on a series of complete feed for rabbits and rodents. Thanks to its domesticity, the RODO product line has been awarded the key ticket symbol.

The design has taken into account in particular the rabbits requirements for rabbits. Contains optimum amounts of protein, fat and fiber. High fiber content and low fat content. The Yucca extract contained in pellets contains compounds that bind ammonia in urine and therefore the smell of ammonia in the cage is reduced. Many domestic raw materials have also been used in manufacturing. Does not contain artificial dyes. Rodo Rabbit Breeder also contains mannanoligosaccharides (BIOMOS) which, according to studies, reduce the adherence of harmful bacteria to the intestine and maintain the condition of the gut, and strengthen the immune system. Mannanoligosaccharides are also natural substances, carbohydrates.

Packing size 10 kg


Hay flour, wheat, oats, molasses, oatmeal flour, soybean meal, mixed malt, vitamin-mineral extract, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, Biomos, Yucca Shidigera extract, betain.
Nutritional composition / Näringsenlig sammansätting
Crude protein / Råprotein 12.6%
Crude fat / Råfett 3.2%
Crude fiber / Rafir 15.2%
TUA / NFE 53.3%
Ash / Ash 5.1%
Starch / Starch 144.2 g / kg
Sugar / Socker (not added, source: raw materials) 34.4 g / kg
Calcium / Calcium 8.4 g / kg
Phosphorus / Phosphorus 4.6 g / kg
Calcium / phosphorus / Calcium / Phosphorus 1/8
Magnesium / Magnesium 2.3 g / kg
Iron / Järn 250 mg / kg
Selenium (sodium selenite) / selenium 0.20 mg / kg
Vitamin A / Vitamin A is 15,000 IU / kg
Vitamin D3 / Vitamin D3 1,000 IU / kg
Vitamin E / Vitamin E
(dl-alpha-tocopherol) 75 mg / kg
Vitamin B1 / Vitamin B1 8.0 mg / kg
Vitamin B2 / Vitamin B2 7.0 mg / kg
Vitamin B6 / vitamin B6 4.8 mg / kg
Niacin / Niacin 32 mg / kg
Pantothenic Acid / Pantothenic 10 mg / kg
Folic acid / Folsyra 1.5 mg / kg
Biotin / Biotin 0.5 mg / kg
Choline / Colin 550 mg / kg
Vitamin C / Vitamin C 30.0 mg / kg
Yucca uute / Yucca 100 mg / kg
Betaine / Betaine 150 mg / kg
Instructions for use and dispensing / Bruksanvisning och dosering

Depending on the size of the rabbit, 100-200 g per day / rabbit (1 dl = 72 g). Growing rabbits are freely given.
In addition to Rodo Rabbit pellets, rabbits must be constantly available with clean water and hay.