CA 900g

Black Horse

The most important thing in mineral feeding Is amount and ratio of calcium and phosphorus.
Feed rich in grain contains often plenty of phosphorous and therefore the need for calcium
increases. Magnesium is a building material for the bones and assists in muscular function and energy
production. Silicon is needed for the development of bones and joints, and it is also important for the wellbeing of skin. Can be mixed with the feed. Store in a dry place, protect from sunlight.

Packs: 900g and 3.5kg.

Daily dosage of 30 g incl:

Calcium 6000 mg
Magnesium 5000 mg
Silicon 2100 mg

Koostumus / Sammansättning / Composition:
kalsiumkarbonaatti/ kalciumkarbonat/ calcium carbonate, magnesiumoksidi/ magnesiumoksid/ magnesium oxide, piimaa/ kiselgur/ diatomaceous earth

Ravintoaineet / Näringsämnen / Nutrients:
Tuhka / Råaska / Crude ash 57%
30 g 1 kg
Kalsium/ Kalcium/ Calcium 6000 mg 200 000 mg
Magnesium 4200 mg 140 000 mg
Teknologiset lisäaineet / Tekniska tillsatser / Technical additives:
Piimaa/ Kiselgur/ Diatomaceous earth (E551c) 200 000 mg