Maxim ear cleanser 100 ml

Moisturizing ear cleaner for dogs and cats. It carefully loosens dirt and earwax, relieving irritations in the ear.

Ear cleanser for dogs and cats. Directions for use: Drop 5 – 10
drops in the ear canal. Massage gently on the base of the ear for
about 1 minute. Let your pet shake the head so that the loosened
dirt comes out of the ear and wipe the dirt from the ear canal opening.
Repeat if needed. Can be used 1 -2 times a week or when needed.
If the ear shows signs of inflammation (reddening,
pus, or the animal scratches or shakes his head), contact
your veterinarian before use.

Only for animals for external use.

Store in room temperature, out of
reach of children.

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Aqua,
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe
Vera extract), Menthol, Hydroxyethyl
Cellulose, Chlorhexidine Digluconate,
Propylparaben, Benzalkonium Chloride.