Multivitamin 20 kg


Pelletized multivitamin mixture for domestic animals.

Milka multivitamin is a pelletised vitamin mixture for domestic animals. It contains vitamin A, which helps keep the mucous membranes in shape and protects against infectious diseases. Milka monivitamin high vitamin E content helps promote healthy muscle growth and reduces the chance of muscle degeneration. D3 vitamin is apt to protect the healthy development of the skeleton.

Milka Multivitamin also contains Vitamin K3 essential for blood clotting, as well as plenty of vitamin B vitamins important for the health and fertility of the nervous system. In addition, the revised Milka multivitamin has a hormone-stimulating biotin and vitamin C that is of vital importance to the general condition.

Milka multi-vitamin should be given in particular:

- Young animals at a time of hard growth, especially for the young
- mammary and semen animals and problems with tiredness
- Sows during pregnancy and lactation

Instructions for use and dosage:

Piglets 50-100 g / ounce / week
Sows carry 70 grams per week
Sows breastfeed 200 g / week
Meats 40 g / week
Poultry 15 g / rehukilo
Calves 0-4 months 50 g / week
Horses 300 g / week
Stems 70 g / week
Sheep 20g / week

Dosage when mixed with feed 1%
Product description:
Vitamin A is 1 000 000 KY / kg
Vitamin D3 250 000 KY / kg
Vitamin E 3 150 mg / kg
Vitamin K3 120 mg / kg
Vitamin B1 200 mg / kg
Vitamin B2 500 mg / kg
Vitamin B6 400 mg / kg
Vitamin B12 3 mg / kg
Biotin 20 mg / kg
Vitamin C 5,000 mg / kg
Calcium antandenate 1,500 mg / kg
Folic acid 150 mg / kg
Niacin 1,500 mg / kg
Selenium 20 mg / kg
The base,

Kaurakuorijauhoa / oatmeal
Pearled molasses