ADE-vitamin pellet 20 kg


Milka ADE contains vitamins A, D3 and E in just the right proportion, plus niacin and vitamin B12. Vitamin A protects the animal from infectious diseases and keeps the mucous membranes in good condition. Vitamin D3 strengthens the bones and keeps the blood calcium phosphate balance right. Vitamin E prevents muscle aches. Niacin and vitamin B12 contribute to the function of the nervous system and thus affect the animal's ability to stress.
Vitamin B12 also affects fertility disorders.
Milka ADE must be given in particular for young animals with high growth
producing animals
- to animals that are empowered or mammal, especially those who have difficulty in getting pregnant
and lactating animals
- when the feed is of poor quality and the vitamin content in the feed is low

Packaging 20 kg
Litrapaino approx. 700g