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Biofarm Oy
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General inquiries and pet product information
Managing Director
Mikko Koivu

Products for horses, production animals and premixes
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Mika Brofeldt

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Tiina Kauhanen

Thank you for taking interest in our company. Biofarm Oy is a Finnish privately owned company founded in 1988. Our business idea is to develop and market, or import and market products that promote health and well-being, and improve the living environment of pets, horses and production animals.

Product range

Production Animals

– vitamins, trace-elements and special feeds
– disinfection and care products


– vitamins and trace-elements, feed supplements
– medicines
– care products


– special feeds, premixes
– feed supplements and care products

Our turnover in 2013 was 9,0 m€. Majority of our turnover comes from products developed by Biofarm Oy and manufactured in either our own factory in Karkkila or at our co-operatives.  We have in total 25 employees in sales, manufacturing and administration.

Our product development is based on extensive veterinary knowledge, as well as over 20 years of experience in animal care. Our dynamic and flexible organization gives us an edge in daily customer service, and it allows us to react quickly and effectively in the changes in the market situation.

We see our future as very prosperous. The Finnish domestic animal production will persist strong and healthy despite of the pressure caused by the European open markets. We also know that the joy and safety given by pets to their owners will always be important, no matter what the world’s economic situation might be.

Although our main business is in Finland, we are also a growing exporter for pet and horse products. Here you can find some product information on most common products for pets and horses.

Please feel free to contact us should you have further interest on our products. We look forward to helping you keep your best friends healthy!

Products in English

Notice that the list contains only few selected products from our catalog  Catalog for products for pets

and Catalogue for products for horses